I cried in the grocery store parking lot

and found my strength again… Yesterday, I sat in the grocery store parking lot and cried. I cried because of exhaustion, I cried because everything felt so heavy, I cried because I really didn’t know how to go forward. I felt conflict upon conflict internally, and it was weighing me down. I teach acceptance that[…]

What if I made the wrong choice?

Our lives are riddled with choice. Maybe I should say, our lives are littered with choice. This is a beautiful thing, to have choice, yet a really challenging thing at times. Too much choice can feel like internal chaos. As well, too much choice can feel like ultimate freedom. Here’s the scenario: you want to[…]

Do you need to know the answer all the time?

It’s not about understanding and knowing it all, but about honoring where you are.  A few weeks ago, I listened to this TED talk by Julia Galef. In summary, she discusses about cultivating the mindset of curiosity, like a scout in the military.  The scout’s role is to understand, to see what’s out there, and[…]

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