What if I made the wrong choice?

Our lives are riddled with choice.

Maybe I should say, our lives are littered with choice.

This is a beautiful thing, to have choice, yet a really challenging thing at times.

Too much choice can feel like internal chaos.

As well, too much choice can feel like ultimate freedom.

Here’s the scenario: you want to leave the job you are in. It’s not terrible, but your soul keeps reminding you that you can do more with your life. You don’t have any leads on a new job, or even the direction of where to go. But your inner voice keeps getting louder and louder.

What do you do?

First off, here’s my feeling about making a decision: the answer will be clear when the decision needs to be made. 

In other words, when you need to make a move you will know with a full body KNOWING. 

Until that happens, you listen.

Here’s where things tend to be tricky: if your inner voice is muted, you will always feel like the choices you make are not the right ones.

And, we ALL (even the most spiritual guru self growth teacher-y ones) experience times when our inner voice feels muted. 

How do you un-mute your inner voice, you may want to know?

Well, there are certainly practices to help you center and hear yourself more. 

Check some blogs out that I’ve written about practices to help you listen to your inner voice here or here

Yet for today, here’s what I want you to know:

Your muted inner voice is probably just taking time to do some research. 

It will come back online to give you the answers when the time is right.

What I’m saying is (more than likely) your inner voice is muted because it needs to be. 

Your soul cycles in and out of this type of remembering and forgetting. The cycles are necessary for informing all that you are and continue to experience.

In my teaching of Soul Cycles, this timing is linked to the seeking phase of your life. 

So, to bring it back to the making a choice thing:

Your choice will be clear to you when it needs to be made.

If you can’t hear your inner voice give it some time and love and acceptance.

If you are entirely frustrated with where you are at in your life, please take a minute to look at my Soul Cycle Sessions and see if they feel right for you. 

Above all, know that the choices you make will all be in support of you learning, growing, and becoming a better person.

Even if the choice you make is wrong, there’s always a way to look at it as right.

That way begins with you and your awareness that every current of your life has purpose.

It’s up to you to acceptance or resist the cycle you are in.

Are you ready? 


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What if I made the wrong choice?

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