Do you need to know the answer all the time?

need to be right all of the time?

It’s not about understanding and knowing it all, but about honoring where you are. 

A few weeks ago, I listened to this TED talk by Julia Galef.

In summary, she discusses about cultivating the mindset of curiosity, like a scout in the military. 

The scout’s role is to understand, to see what’s out there, and to decipher what’s possible. It’s in direct contrast to the role of a solider, who has to have the answer to make decisions quickly.

Galef’s extended metaphor of the scout has stuck with me as I continue to live a life of curiosity rather than conviction.

It’s a tough road to stay open, to admit to not knowing, to be in the moment rather than in your agenda, wouldn’t you say?

I think that our desire to know the answer, or to be right, is control disguised as intellect.

This thought even relates to life outside of discussion or arguing your point of view.

Being a scout of your life helps you to be with what is, rather than pine after your expectations. 

For instance: planning to do something around my son’s nap time. What’s predictable is YES he will nap during the day, but WHEN varies based on activity level, amount of sleep the night before, whether he’s learning a new thing, the weather (seriously)…etc, etc. 

If I think I know the answer to when he will nap, and try plan something, often I’ll be humbled by him being an ever changing human.

In the end, his needs are more important (way more important) than my need to have the answer.

I see that the need to have the answer all of the time is not really how being with life’s grace.

Getting past the need to have a right answer is the path to acceptance.

The path to self acceptance is not about understanding and knowing it all, but about honoring where you are.

It’s about seeking further than what’s in front of you to de-code what is possible.

Tell me dear one, are you on a path of curiosity or a path of determination?

What gifts to you find in your path right now?

How can you let go of the need to know in order to accept yourself?

Let me know in the comments below.

To your seeking,

R o s e

Do you need to know the answer all the time?

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