self care

Practice Should-less days

Recently, I was listening to a podcast where actress Ellen Burstyn talked about her practice of regaining her composure after a busy time. How does she do so? Ms. Burstyn prescribes herself should-less days, where she frees herself from obligation for a full day. Lately, I have been in a should-less period of my life. After[…]

What if you loved your body?

I see a direct link between self-care and creativity. I believe the two don’t exist without one another. I hope you find some wisdom and love for yourself in each word. Today, what if you loved your body? What if you really, truly, unconditionally loved this vessel that houses your creative spirit? Would your world change completely[…]

7 Steps to Get you through Chaotic Times

On staying sane during the holidays: Whether you own a business with retail or you are planning a holiday dinner or even if you do nothing for the holidays, there seems to collective craze that happens this time of year. My husband and I were even noticing it in the traffic on the streets–more people[…]

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