The healing power of watercolors

It feels like no mistake that during my recent vacation I dove deeply into watercolors with my art.

Energetically, watercolor painting is all about being in the flow, using water to manipulate and change the saturation of the paint.

During my vacation, I was taking time to regain focus and rest and celebrate my son turning one.

His life has taught me so much about the meaning of this world. This year has been the longest and the fastest year of my life, so I really wanted to stay present in the week before he turned one.


Also, during this time I took time to honor my body through the changes it’s been through in the past year and 10 months. From conception, pregnancy, labor + delivery, healing from surgery + complications, breast feeding, and growing and shrinking in size, I’ve been through a lot physically.

Talk about being in touch with the watery aspects of my body, right?

How did I process this honoring my body? Through a lot of tears and sobbing. Again…the water made an appearance to help me heal.

IntuitiivelI was drawn to the watercolors. It’s only in the past few days I’ve realized how this art is a reflection of my life mood right now.

So, I created a lot of art to heal and to process and honor that is watercolor based. That’s why I am bringing you watercolor Wednesdays. It’s a time where I highlight one of these watercolors, and sell them to you at a ridiculously low price.

Check out more details on the piece here.

How has water played a role in your life, for better or worse?

To your watery healing power,

R o s e

The healing power of watercolors

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