The most important thing as an artist

Do you ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes — or better put, behind the screen?

Our world is highly curated. We open our phones and tend to see visuals — from ads to personal posts, that look idyllic.

As an artist, and a trained art historian, I’m always curious about the lives of artists.

Why did they choose that way to paint?

What was going on historically and politically during that time the artist was creating?

And today, my question is:

What does your toddler do while you’re in the studio?

Seriously – as you’ll hear in the below video, I will send someone a DM inquiring about the truth of toddlers in artist studios. (The answer is: majority of them watch a show while their mamas paint.)

I’ve started a series I’m calling studio diaries to show you my process of being a mama and also being a person who paints.

This log is all about muscle memory and why I think it’s one of the most important things as an artist.

The things we repeat are the things that come out in moments of stress.

Tell me, after watching the video: do you practice anything on repeat? Do you feel like that repetition is helping your whole self or hurting it? Or perhaps its somewhere in between?

If you’re craving a new way to view your life’s path, and perhaps repeat a different story to yourself, please join this free masterclass on the medicine wheel, an indigenous teaching tool to trust the season of your life. Taught by my brilliant friend, Asha Frost, an Ojibway medicine woman.

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The most important thing as an artist

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