The New Year Resolution Nerves

I love the idea of the New Year.

Starting anew is invigorating, and feeling that refreshment of a year wiped away by the click of a clock is cleansing.

I love LOVE LURVE the New Year.

But, the focus on New Year’s resolutions get me all wired up.

Goal setting. Resolutions. Changing habits. All these clatter away at my nerves and I just can’t seem to figure out why.

And then, today, I realized why.

Those things – resolutions, changes, etc. are all just a focus on a part of me.

They do not look at the whole me.

And, I stand here to stay: the whole me is just fine.


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Yes, I sure need improvement. And oh my I love to goal set. I’m obsessed with ways on how I can keep growing, doing self-help therapies, and I keep myself in communities that check up regularly on these things.

But in the big picture, I realize that none of it really matters.

Did you get that, none of those resolutions make a difference!

What matters if you-the whole and complete in your imperfections – you as you are.

Because, in the end, the whole me is doing just fine: whole, complete, grateful for all those things that I could resolve away, but they have gotten me to where I am today. But I’m not going to wish them away. They are all part of the whole me.

I love each flaw because I know it’s beautiful.

What really matters is I keep asking how to resolve to be the best I can, each and every day.

The feeling of creating an intentional life where I love myself and all my flaws and pieces each day is what I bring forth into the New Year.

I don’t need to shed. I just need to be (like these beloved belugas, just being in their flawed and awesome beauty).

And please, please, please, hold me to that being-ness in all that I am for the New Year.

Now you tell me, what about you are you creating more love around for the New Year?




The New Year Resolution Nerves

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