This post is my most important one to date

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I’m in the midst of a tough cycle. My beautiful, teething toddler has me really slowed down and feeling sleepy.

In case you’re new here — I’m a full time mama. Meaning, I don’t have my son in daycare or preschool, nor do I have a regular nanny scheduled.

I work on my business while my boy sleeps, and when I schedule a block of weekend time to do my Soul Cycle Sessions.

Right now, my business isn’t getting much attention.

I’m in a stage of releasing expectation, though I wish, at times, that my business was in a different phase than it is.

I’m learning the fullest version of surrender I’ve ever experienced. Some days, this is mentally harder than my 58 hour labor & unplanned surgery to birth my boy. Yup.

So, why is this the most important blog to date?

Because I’m here to tell you: I know, in my bones, that this feeling will pass.

One of the greatest pieces of wisdom that was given to me as a new mama: this too shall pass. At first I thought it was total nonsense, because I was so thickly veiled by the new-ness of parenthood, I couldn’t imagine it changing.

Yet, it did. It has.

No, things haven’t necessarily gotten easier.

Yet, the wisdom of the tough moments is integrating now.

Now, I get what gifts are in the sleepy moments (like asking for help and keeping life simple).

This is the core tenant of all I teach and am right now:

This too shall pass.

When we get stuck in an emotion, we tend to feel like it’s all we’ve ever felt.

And of course that’s the case — all we have is the present moment.

Here’s a few tools I use to get through the tough patches:

1. Know & honor your cycles.

I teach living in rhythm with your life, and it’s called Soul Cycle Sessions. In short, these sessions relate our life’s path to the cycles of nature.

Like, we can all relate to the weather, right? But, we can’t control whether it’s a beautiful weather day or a crummy weather day.

That’s the wisdom in the cycles. No matter what is happening – we adapt and go on.

Same goes for me, in tough times — whatever it is.

I know it will change, and I make sure I have the appropriate attitude and mental health tools (or attire, like a good coat) to get through the storm.

2. Keep a schedule.

I keep a fluid schedule for my son and me. Every day is structured pretty much the same. This allows for, even when something like lack of sleep knocks us off, a structure to anticipate and hopefully guide us back to rhythm.

Within a container – we thrive and know our boundaries.

3. Forgive, learn compassion, and let go.

When the day doesn’t go as scheduled, for the million reasons it may not, I’ve been practicing compassion for myself, my boy, my family, my life — and all those around me.

I forgive myself for wanting it to be different.

I have the deepest compassion for my son, not even 2 years old, who is going through a challenging spot, too.

I let go of the residue and the belief patterns that may be holding me back from being present. Like, believing that in order to be worthy, I need to have a thriving business.

Life is complicated enough. And though our thoughts serve us, they can also keep us stuck.

Remember that this too shall pass. May you embrace what is for what it is — yours.

Nap time is up — time to go practice what I write.

Until next time,

R o s e

This post is my most important one to date

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