Your passion project failed. Now what?

In September of last year, I got into bullet journaling.

I was so excited to start the process, I started a group through FB to learn how journaling can help with understanding our personal rhythms and cycles.

I kept the group going for about 3 months, and then candidly shared : I’m not doing finding time for this project anymore.

I had grand visions that I was going to be the empress of a bullet journal kingdom, and that I’d help women all over the world learn to journal in order to feel more inner calm.

Even though it didn’t quite work that way, I don’t feel like it’s a failure.

Failure, or feelings that relate to failure, is an inevitable part of the creative process (I write about that more here if you want to dive deeper).

So, your passion project failed. Now what?

Maybe it never got off the ground. Maybe you launched it, and no one signed up. Maybe you had expectations of what it would be in your life, and that didn’t turn out.

How do you continue if you’ve experienced this failure, especially time and time again?

Listen to your idea for 29 days.

I believe in cyclical living. Meaning, I think everyone and everything has its own rhythm of beginning and ending- including our thoughts and ideas.

When you have a new idea, or passion project, write it down. And, keep returning to this idea over the course of 29 days.

Why 29 days?

29 days is how long a lunar cycle takes to complete. Throughout the lunar cycle we have times of high energy and tend to do stuff impulsively (the full moon). And there are times of lower energy, where we tend to go inward and not want to share as much (the new moon).

Waiting 29 days allows your idea to go through a complete cycle — no matter when you jot the idea down.

If you’re thought still resonates after 29 days, then it’s time to plan & act.

Trust alchemy.

Transformation is icky, goopy, messy and confusing. One way to define alchemy is that it transforms one material into a greater material through a series of actions — like a rock into gold. 

Alchemy is trusting that creative energy that we can’t see. It’s magic, it’s God, it’s spiritual awareness — it’s in you. 

The toughest part is waiting to see how your ideas will transform.


Like, about 5 years ago I created this course, called the Wild Muse. It was all about using archetypes throughout time to ignite your inner creative spark. How many people signed up when I launched the course? Zero. Yet, here I see that the research, time, and energy I put into that has come back to inform my Soul Cycle Sessions. 

Everything is in support of your whole, even the failures.

Create within a framework.

Sometimes we launch from our heart, but not from a system. I get it. That’s actually what happened with my Wild Muse project. I didn’t have a framework to support my goal.

I wrote the course Remove Goal Guilt for this very reason — to give your ideas a foundation, framework, and a place to be worked on — so to speak.

There are many other places you can go to learn about launching a project. However you create a framework, even if it’s by using an online calendar: do it.

The best ideas have some sort of structure, so that you can lean into that when you have doubts, or unrealistic time expectations, or feel afraid.

And most of all —

If your passion project failed, there’s nothing wrong with you, or your business, or your ideas.

The gifts of this time will soon be revealed.

Every idea has a rhythm, a cycle, a unique timing, and it’s our job to honor that process — not push against it.

rose candela

With all my support,

R o s e 

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Your passion project failed. Now what?

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