Time management for creatives

Phew ya’ll, I’m doing it. I’m taking a seat as a teacher on time management.

I did a survey with my clients and asked what their biggest problem with being creative is, and guess what their answer was:

finding time.

Shoot, ya’ll. I can help.

The thread that connects all my various job and career paths (from age 17 as a certified nurse all the way to now, 20 years later as an artist) is TIME.

From managing timelines, organizing art objects chronologically, helping students and college administrators meet deadlines…I’ve been analyzing time for a long time.

In this 10 minute video, I discuss what I’m calling a time management for creatives roadmap.

Here’s a breakdown of what I discuss in the above video if you can’t watch right now.

Tenant 1: Being with the overwhelm

100% of people I work with come to my door (well, my virtual door) overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed too, when I want to start something new or manage time from a place of needing xyz to get done to feel better.

This step is being with what is. Checking in with your body and your feelings – that’s all you need to do right now.

When you think of what you want to accomplish but aren’t accomplishing, what do you feel? Where do you feel it?

Check out this video about worthiness to guide you through this stage.

You’ll sense you’re moving out of overwhelm when there’s a clearing, or a spark of inspiration.

Follow that spark to this next stage…

Tenant 2: start where you are

When I tell you that you have everything you need in order to get started, what comes up?

The elixir of life is to trust that one step forward is beginning. Small steps are beautiful and worthy steps.

You’ll begin to feel yourself moving through this stage as you take small actions.

Most of all — that you have energy to take small steps. You’re listening to yourself, and that’s the most important thing.

Tenant 3: Figure out what you want

Ok now we get out our pens and paper. Now we start to do more chronological planning, but from a place of reverence to the chaos and your small beginnings.

The reason I talk about managing my family’s atypical schedule is everyone has a different reason or goal for their time management. I know that’s true for you. I know that’s true for every creative I’ve worked with over my life.

I strongly suggest doing some goal setting work here, and sitting with that clarity.

Clarity first. Action second.

The next stage can be integrated into the entire concept of time management.

Tenant 4: Let it be what it needs to be

This step isn’t about giving up. Instead, it’s about trusting that you’re given the projects and ideas you’re given because time is on your side.

Time management is about mapping out a timeline. But/and it’s mostly about figuring out what you have time for, and what makes sense in your life.

The key to time management is this: your life is yours. Your timeline is yours.

What’s your vision as you take ownership of your life?

Let’s do this together. Check out this studio diary where I talk a bit more about time management and how to establish your sense of worth no matter how long you work on a piece of art.

I’ve opened up a few spots every week (Saturday times now available) for time management consulting. Set up your initial appointment with me here.

Time management for creatives

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