Today, Create with abandon


When I thinking of creativity, I like to think of it as a presence in my life.

Because of this, creativity feels like it has it’s own agenda.

One way I describe this, especially to my clients who are experiencing a creative dry period, is to think of creativity as the seasons of the year.

Spring: Feels fertile, fresh, new ideas pop up from the ground. You are full excitement, and feel bold. An emergence feeling runs through you.

Summer: You go into production mode and show off what you have going on. You feel the need to share your art or start an art business, you are in a ravenous love affair with your creations.

Autumn: Feels like shedding, and letting go. Letting yourself be swept away by other dreams or ideas. You also feel in transition, and perhaps confused about what you want to do.

Winter: You hibernate. You may not create anything at all. You may create with the need to throw your creations away or bury them for later blooming. A quiet and introspective time where you take a rest, too.

As I write this blog, there is about one week until Winter officially settles in here in the Northern Hemisphere. I have been in Autumn/Winter mode with my art creations in the last few months. It’s been funky at times, but as I remember the cycles of creativity, I let myself and my creative rhythm be.

The important, the MOST important aspect of this is to trust that all the seasons are OK. You aren’t blocked or prolific because of your creativity cycles.

You are human, gloriously imperfect and in this world human.

I invite you, dear creative one, to make something with totally freedom of the outcome.

Create with total abandon.

Within this, create knowing that you are going to throw out or never share with the world what you create.

Create with your soul, and then let it go to the ether.

Process your emotions with what you make.

Create your day knowing it will end, and you will never have it again.

Live your moment fully, and love yourself unconditionally through it all.

Purge, soften, and invite in your most creative self.


R o s e

Today, Create with abandon

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