We all wear masks

We all wear masks.

Some of us are wearing masks at all times. Some of us wear masks to play. Some of us wear masks to protect.

In a metaphorical sense, the mask is what we place before our beings to be taken off in our reveal moments.

Reveal moment: I am an introvert.

In a big way, I was wearing other people’s masks for a real long time, trying to fit in to a very extroverted culture.

Since owning this subtle yet big aspect of my personality, I’ve been able to sink more into myself. In shedding the mask that fits someone else’s personality, I’ve become more in tune to my energy needs, and how I can offer my services to the world.


I’ve lifted the veil, and as vulnerable as that is at times, I love what I see.

As an introvert, I hardly love going out to big social events. I enjoy quiet, small groups, time alone, and my inner life is rich.

At times, I need to put on my extrovert mask. I’m ok with wearing the mask of extrovert, because I am now mindful that I am doing so. And, I love the ritual of shedding the mask at the end of the extroverted days.

We all wear these metaphorical masks, or veils, or  behave in guarded ways of being.

Sometimes, these masks are visible from messages in our culture (hello makeup industry to hide your so-called flaws).

Sometimes these masks are like a thin yet hard layer that we wear internally that keep us from listening to our heart (hello staying uncreative and unhappy in a routine  you hate).

Masks are necessary in so many occassions, but they don’t have any weight in our true nature. Our true nature is listening to our inner guidance and feeling good.  Our true nature is health and well-being radiating from the insides. Our true nature is expressing ourselves in beautiful ways.

Our true nature is to be naked, free, and wild in knowing we are loved no matter what: this is our creative birthright.

In the end, the important thing to note is that we wear the masks from time to time.

Don’t let the masks wear you.

Take off your mask, beautiful being of my heart ~


We all wear masks

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