Avoiding joy looks a lot like a laundry basket

I’ve been avoiding the room in my house that brings me my most joy.

I’ve been actively avoiding my studio room, the heart of my creative expression, my own sacred space.

I realized this today on a nice late Winter afternoon walk with my husband. Usually, on these walks he and I process much of our creative musings, ideas, road blocks, guilt, loves, and ambitions.

My thoughts went like this: I haven’t really painted this week. Actually, I haven’t stepped into the studio at all in the past few days. Wow, I think I’ve been avoiding the studio because it brings me joy.

Sure, my studio is a cold room(right now) without central heating. Sure, it’s a wicked mess. Sure, I’ve got a million other things going on this week (tax season, whoa!)

Yet, I think the biggest reason that I avoided this creative room is because it brings me joy.

I have been subconsciously blocking my creative joy. Why in the world would I do that?

Well, a few reasons come to mind:

1. Sometimes, not often but sometimes, I think I am not supposed to have so much creative freedom and joy, and I fill my time with other things that are boring so that I feel boring instead of joyous.

2. I do laundry instead of exploring my creative joy because I see the immediate result. Creative pursuits don’t always have the immediate satisfaction of a calculable result, which is often what my brain is patterned to see as progress. And in our culture, progress=good, right? (Insert audio of me going: booooooooooooooo!)

3. I’m waiting for someone else to tell me to go be creative. I’m waiting for someone else to give me the key to my creative adventures. It’s as if I am waiting for the Lordess of creativity to throw glitter on my walking path to the studio room. Still waiting….still….waiting.

Wait a minute, you may be saying, isn’t this woman supposed to be a coach on creativity? 

Yes, I am a creativity coach, but I hardly have all the answers. Actually, I have no answers, but instead of I have some ideas and an open mind and a unique ability to cut through the chatter to get to the heart of the matter.

I am human and feel creatively-icky at times and I’m fine with being the first to admit that to you. I like to keep it real, naked, and honest in my perspective.

I do know this: that being mindful, and practicing mindfulness has lead me pretty quickly to this “aha” place, the place that I noticed I’m actively avoiding a place that brings me joy.

This awareness has allowed for me to get past the avoidance of my joy, step into my studio room, and be myself.

Awareness is the foundation to building a deep, sexy, and respectful room of a relationship with your creativity. 

Which leads me to you, dear creative being.

What rooms in you are you avoiding that bring you joy?

What places in your heart and soul do you wait for someone to give you the key to open?

What other tasks to you punish yourself and do instead of taking time to play and be free?

It’s time to be your own key-giver to the kingdom of your creativity. It’s time to think not about progress, but instead think about feelings and intentions. It’s time to realize that your life is meant to be good. You are here to feel good, welcome, and free.

Are you ready to drop that laundry basket like it’s hot and go get to your joy room?(Unless that joy room is your laundry room, then I say yeah, sister, yeah!)

See you in your joy room,






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Avoiding joy looks a lot like a laundry basket

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