Welcoming doubt: Spring 2019 forecast

Spring whooshes in with warm winds here in the mountains, often creating a lot of commotion.

This commotion can feel internal, as well as bringing down branches and old leaves from trees.

Each season has so many gifts, and also some shadows. The most important thing to remember, no matter what season you’re in:

What are you feeling right now?

Here’s what to expect during this jubilant season.

A clearing.

Recently, I experienced what it’s like to be on the other side of invisible expectations. It made me think:

What or who do we expect from people, without being clear about that expectation?

Like, in new parenthood. I know a lot of mothers who are upset with the way their partners show up for them. Yet, the question always comes up:

Did you tell them what you expected from them?

I get it, completely. I did this with my husband after we became parents and were scrambling to live/work/caretake. We are finally, 3 years later, in a clearing about what we expect from one another, but most of all: ourselves. 

We take ownership when we fall flat of expressing our expectations.

Ya’ll, clarity is painful and uncomfortable sometimes. I’ve had a shedding of relationships that are filled with invisible expectations. It’s been difficult, but really that emotion moves through and on the other side: clarity.

Credit to Tiffany Dufu for this term, invisible expectations. Check out her book, Drop the Ball, for more.

Waking up.

Like the tiny buds emerging from the soil, we being to wake up internally, too.

What keeps coming up for you at this time of year? Is it a wish to do something, create something or change your lifestyle? Take note of what is waking up within you.

Welcoming doubt.

Anyone else feeling some doubt? As you are called to wake up and emerge from hibernation, the suddenness of it all can be intense. Transitions are often the most intense part of our life journey.

Doubt can be a result of you moving too fast, or not listening to what your body is telling you.

If you feel doubt, try this simple practice. Say to yourself:

I’m listening.

Over time, this phrase will stop the cycle of doubt from gripping you or as Tara Brach likes to say, keeps you in a trance. Break the trance.

Trust your doubt as it ushers you into your next stage of life.

All the ideas.

As spring rolls in, so may an influx of ideas. It’s one of the greatest gifts of the season – after the clearing, the waking up, being with the doubt: you’re inspired. Here’s where I will lend my #1 piece of advice.

Don’t try to do it all.

In fact, don’t do anything right now except write it down, sketch it out, make the blueprint (don’t build the house yet!) and trust the timing of it all. Believe me, if you push through this important stage of your creative season — you will burn out.

As you welcome doubt, and embrace this new season — what is one thing you will do today to listen to yourself?

Embracing you –

R o s e

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Welcoming doubt: Spring 2019 forecast

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