What does it mean to be the change?

In today’s turbulent and often sad times as an American citizen, I want to see change.

There’s an aching in my soul that goes far into the knowing that racism, prejudice, and bigotry is ruining us.

The thing is, it’s always been there. Maybe we turned our eyes away from this racism, but it’s been there. 

Right now, there’s an eruption of this vile nature in our faces.

And, if something is in your face, you really and truly can’t look away.

I write and do work about changing your inner landscape before you can change your outer landscape. 

I really believe that the things we see and experience in our world are a reflection of something inside of us.

What does it mean to be the change? 

Specifically, what does it mean to be the change when you are only one person–with limited resources or with limited exposure.

My love, change begins one person at a time.

Most importantly, it begins with you. 

Change begins at looking at how life has brought you here at this moment not to sit back and change the channel, but to stand up and get moving.

Where do you get moving to? Yes: rally it up, march, and be part of groups that stand for social justice and equality.

Yet, I believe where you best make the movement happen is at your kitchen table. 

We can change our patterns of racism and prejudice if we are willing to accept that it’s there and in the air we breathe.

If you are reading this, and you live with someone try to talk about what’s going on. Here are some prompt:

Would you be willing to talk to me about what is going on in the news today? I’m scared because of it and want to connect. 

Or, if you are around someone who is making a racist remark, and you want to remind them of a new way to be, try saying:

I hear you say ____________ and am curious what makes you say that? Do you really think this way about another person and if so, are you willing to consider how that may be hurting you and that person?

If we have tough conversations they may lead to discomfort. 

But it’s time to stop treading lightly and get to the core of where this systemic hate begins:

in the homes of us all.

I’ve had this conversation with my husband, bleary eyed and grumpy at the end of our day. These days, I tend to avoid talking about the uncomfortable things, because I have a pretty fierce boundary of not letting the tiny morsels of my energy leak. 

But, I’m changing that aspect of me today.  It’s not easy to talk about what we grew up around (we both grew up in the rural south) or where we see the gaps of racial equality in our tiny southern city. 

Yet, we do have the tough talks, because it matters and we want to see change. 

As my son becomes old enough, I will talk to him about this turbulent time he was born into. I will religiously teach him that he has a voice to stand up against prejudice he sees.

My prayer is that as we move forward, we will be leaving behind the hate that literally is killing so many of us.

Change begins one person at a time.

You are that one person today. 

Where are you going to change in order to be a better citizen of this earth?

Tell me in the comments below.



What does it mean to be the change?

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