Your favorite colors have a meaning

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The meaning of your favorite color

Do you ever feel drawn to the same colors in your life and surroundings?

I had this revelation that I surround myself with the colors indigo, purple, and magenta CONSISTENTLY. 

For instance, on my walk today I was wearing purple shoes, a magenta hoodie kept me warm, and my water bottle that I was carrying is purple.

The meaning of all these colors: I value my imagination, my intuition, and my spiritual side A LOT.

The other meaning of all these colors: I need to get more in touch with my sensuality, my power, and my voice.

Here’s how I came to this seemingly esoteric conclusion:

Each color of the rainbow spectrum relates to an emotional aspect of our being, or our chakra system in traditional terms.

I know, I know…this may seem a bit out there. Yet, the physics of colors and their wavelengths is real, and this is a branch off of that idea. 

Right now, I want you to look around your home and surroundings and decide what colors you habitually are drawn to. 

Heres what you value based on the colors in your life:

Reds: You value the earth, feeling grounded, to have what you need, your emotions.

Oranges: You value the water, feeling pleasure, to feel what you need, your fluid nature.

Yellows: You value fire, feeling powerful, to act upon your wishes, your strength of will.

Greens: You value the air, feeling balanced, to love with abandon, your compassion. 

Blues: You value sound, feeling creative, to speak your truth, your ability to communicate. 

Purples: You value light, feeling imaginative, to see clearly, your ability to perceive. 

Whites + shimmery colors: You value thought, feeling wise, to know, your spirituality. 

If you are opposed to any other the colors, that’s your pathway to working on those emotions in your life.

For instance, I tend to stay away from yellows. I recognize that leaning into my sense of power and strength is my core work, right now. 

What do you see in your surroundings right now? How can these colors inform you about what you value and seek in your life?

Tell me in the comments below!

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Your favorite colors have a meaning

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