What does your inner voice tell you?

When I was in college, to study art, I was told I didn’t have the talent for drawing. Or that I wasn’t good at art. Or something of that nature, I honestly can’t remember.

After that moment I stopped studying art. But it wasn’t because I felt discouraged.

It’s because I realized that person and that program didn’t have anything to teach me if they were so rigid in what a good artist looks like.

I studied art history after that point and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned to embrace my intellect and engage WHY people have made art throughout time. And, becoming an art historian lead me to work alongside and with some of the greatest artists of this era.

And look, I’m still an artist. ⠀

Have you ever felt discouraged by a critic? You’re not alone.

Often, that person isn’t really talking about you, they are talking about their insecurities.

May moving past this criticism be as easy as brushing your shoulder off. ⠀⠀

Find a guide/teacher/friend/pet who reminds you of your truth.

Listen to your inner voice because it’s never wrong.

And always, always, keep creating.



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What does your inner voice tell you?

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