When nothing lights you up

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Recently, I wrote about my turmoil of feelings while waiting to hear back about a job opportunity, and also about running my online business.

If you read those, and are reading this today, I’ll go ahead and claim my theme as of late:

I’m evaluating.

And I had a few blogs planned to write today, but none of my editorial calendar is lighting me up. Meaning, I’m feeling uninspired. Not only uninspired, but also a bit bleh about the world and my role in it.

I’ve recently learned about the ennegram, and my personality type, 4, feels deeply and also feels like no one is like her – and can get into a tough spot feeling shame or sorrow here.

Noting this about me has been nothing short of revelatory. The way I climb out of feeling alone is this: creating, and also connecting.

I’m writing about what to do when nothing lights you up. Now, I will say I can write about this feeling because I know it’s a phase for me. If you feel pretty stuck here in that dim place, I highly encourage you to look into finding more support. Open Path collective is a great resource to begin.

When nothing lights you up…

…I hope you know it’s ok to feel. All the ways you need to experience the wandering, the unknown, the curiosity, the confusion.

…I hope you know this is a phase. And within that, sometimes life has phases that take years to move through.

…I hope you know it’s not your fault. You didn’t make a wrong choice to lead you to this feeling.

…I hope you know trust. That faith, that trust, will hold you as you emerge — like a tiny sprout painfully pushing through the terra of the earth — trusting that if you reach up, there is light.

…I hope you put down your phone. I often grab my phone during times of uncertainty and just scroll and scroll. While there’s no right way to be in relationship with your phone, I also know that too much is just too much sometimes.

…I hope you lean into the wisdom of you. There’s no one else like you, and therefore your life’s path will look like no ones. Your wisdom knows this.

…I hope you give yourself radical compassion. Everyone goes through phases of life where things are just super mundane. That’s normal.

…I hope you find a way to break the loop. Yes, this is a phase of your life. And, this can shift by something very simple — like breaking up any of your other patterns. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, take a different route to the grocery store. You can do this.

…I hope you always know, without a doubt, that you belong.

With all my heart,


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When nothing lights you up

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