3 myths that keep you from doing what you wanna

Yes. I’m totally grabbing you in with a catchy headline because of this one thing:

I want you to be able to do what you feel called to do.

It’s time to break down what keeps you from taking a step.

So, let us begin.

You stop yourself from doing what you wanna because you feel:

Someone else had done it.

Yes, someone else has done it. Humans and history are habitual. Why not let that knowing light you up, inspire you, and do it your way? I promise you the way you feel doing what you want to do is enough to change the world.

I don’t have time.

Maybe you don’t have the amount of time you want, but I’m going to guess you do have some time. And if you truly don’t, you will one day. Keep the faith that this is too a phase.

My art making practice has changed a lot since becoming a mama. I keep my supplies ready and out so when a moment of inspiration strikes, I can take 5 minutes to put my hand on a piece of paper. It’s not at all what my dream art practice is, but I’ve learned to trust. I created the Time Keeper Collective for debunking the time myth.

Doing things for pleasure is a waste of my energy.

The guilt is real y’all. I know. I catch myself wishing I was getting paid to enjoy my life because the I’d feel worthy of enjoying it.

I don’t have a huge history with over working, either. Nor was I raised by people who valued work over being a good person.

Culture indoctrinates us, and we live in a culture that values hard (often sacrificial) work.

Here’s what I want you to know. Feeling joy in your life is actually what everyone out there is working towards.

Doing what you want, presumably because it will bring you joy, is the most valuable thing you can do with your time & energy.

So, now…you tell me. What keeps you from doing what you wanna today? How can you lift that reason up and reframe it today?

If you’re ready to be in good relationship with doing what you wanna, check out my membership, Time Keeper Collective. Registration closes soon, so don’t delay if you’re called to join!

3 myths that keep you from doing what you wanna

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