When you want to shut it all down

This week, I’ve felt ready to move on…

to split from my recent commitments to journal…

to shut down my website and online shop…

to delete all of my social media apps…

the feeling has been real. 

There has been an urge to simplify, to retreat, and to burn it all down and start from the ashes.

So, what did I do?

Well, instead of running away (my old pattern), I took a moment to observe.

I found:

I was in my luteal phase, a time to fertilize or to release.

The moon was about to be new, a time to release and set intentions into the darkness.

The season is shifting into Autumn, where the darkness returns for us in the northern hemisphere.

My Soul Cycle is leaning into releasing, a time where to shed, cry, let go, and hibernate.

With knowing this — I am able to take a step back and not shut it all down. I’m able to give myself compassion for where I’m at in my life’s cycle.

I like to think of myself as a researcher of my moods and feelings — charting it all down in order to not make rash decisions. 

I can’t speak enough about the life shift charting my cyclical energy has brought me in the last 6 months.

Instead of running from my inner wisdom, I sunk inward. I listened to the fear. I let my nightmares happen. I sobbed to big welts of tears on a friend’s couch. I wished for things to be different. I gave full body thanks for the life I have. I drew and I charted and I observed.

I drew.

I charted.

I observed.

Dear one, when you want to shut it all down do this first:

Pause. Take 3 deep breaths into your beautiful belly.

Ask yourself: can I give this feeling a few days to be?

If the answer is yes, then be with what is. It probably will be uncomfortable, and you will most definitely cry.


release rose candela

If you feel the same way in 7 days, then take your next step of action– make a change. 

I also invite you to join my group on charting your moods and thoughts. It’s totally free, and I’m there every day to share and guide. Click here to join us. 

There’s a time to shut it all down, there’s a time to get quiet and listen.

Listening to your beautiful inner wisdom will tell you when that time is right for you.

Tell me, what do you do when you want to shut it all down? Any favorite practices for releasing and letting go?

Leave me a note in the comments below. 

To the ashes, I bow.

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When you want to shut it all down

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