Learning trust with blind contour drawing

blind contour drawing

I’m in a place today where I’m dancing with the idea of a big change for me, and for my family.

It’s a decision that has pros and cons on each side of the table.
(I am not being vague to keep you guessing, it’s a sensitive matter that isn’t public yet!)

Have you ever felt this way on the cusp of change? Perhaps it was a career move, or the decision whether or not to start a family?

I’m a believer that the right answers will be clear when they need to be clear.

Yet, there’s all these modern life elements in decision making that pull us away from our guts: time, money, opinions of others, fear…

I prescribe these activities in my Soul Cycle sessions based on the change in front of my individual clients.

One of the ways I process my questions is blind contour drawing. 

Blind contour drawing teaches me about where I trust and where I don’t trust. 

What is blind contour drawing? 

Blind contour drawing is a way to study an object with your hand, without looking at the paper and without lifting your pencil.

blind contour

Here’s how you do a blind contour drawing:

1.Take a sheet of paper and secure it to a table so it doesn’t slide under your hand.

2. Use a soft graphite pencil (or whatever medium you want, though graphite lends so beautifully to the change of your hand pressure.)

3. Look at what you want to draw. Keep your eyes on the object, and start moving your hand.

4. Keep your eyes on the object, and start moving your hand.

5. Try to not look at your paper for several minutes. Set a timer if you want.

When I am doing blind contour drawing, the following things tend to come up:

I don’t trust that I am actually drawing anything. I lose trust in the process. 

I’m curious as to how the drawing looks. Is it any good?

I wonder where my hand is in space and relationship to the other things I put down on the paper.

After a few minutes of this practice, magic begins to unfold.

I feel myself letting go. Releasing. Letting the fear slide away.

I trust that something is happening, even if I can’t see it. 

When I look at my paper, I am usually delighted with a sense of recognition.

The body knows what it is doing. 

Whatever appears is what needs to be there. 

Tell me, have you ever felt scared of making a big change, or not making the right move with a decision? How have you processed this in the past?

How have you processed this in the past?

Tell me about it in the comments below.


R o s e 

Do you need help navigating change in your life? Click here to embrace where you are in your life, and remember that everything is unfolding exactly as it needs to be. I look forward to hearing from you! 

Learning trust with blind contour drawing

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