Who Cares? My theme for 2016…

theme for 2016

On New Years day, my husband and I took a long walk in nature. Often on these walks we go deep into our thoughts and share them with one another. Or the walks are filled with the silence of experiencing our surroundings. Our walks are a cherished experienced for each of us, and in clearing our creative mind.

Jason and I discussed the changes that are happening in our life right now. He’s launching a new business, I am creating e-courses in my business and want to write a book, and most of all…we are becoming parents in a few months.

I have already felt a lot of this change in my life in being pregnant. My body is different every day. What I want from my life has changed. Most of all, I feel my maternal protective and loving instinct strongly, something that I’ve never felt before. 

Often in society we are told that the big life changes of our adulthood (like moving, marriage, and becoming parents) will change us forever. There is a sense of remorse or caution when this change is discussed.

For instance, before I got married, this everything is going to change idea was whispered to me a few times. But, what I didn’t realize in that skewed advice giving is that it was a GREAT change to come. Being in a loving marriage has helped me to grow into more of who I am, with this awesome human by my side.

Change doesn’t have to flip our script into something we can’t read or understand.

Instead, change can clarify your how and your whys in the world.

What matters through change is that I, me, and the core of who I am remains the same. Nothing will ever shift that me being me. Nothing.

As Jason and I talked about all of this, he exclaimed: who cares?! 

Who cares what happens or did happen…it truly has no bearing on who you are right now…

Who cares if our life changes completely when our baby arrives?

Who cares what happened 10 years ago with that person I randomly run into at the grocery store?

Who cares that will be days, weeks, where I won’t check in with anyone or anything besides my babe, myself, and my husband?

Who cares that my body will be/look/feel and continues to be different than I ever experienced?

Who cares that my business may not be the same in 6 months?

What matters is that I will be me, despite and in response to everything happening around me.

None of the change, the stuff, the things that happened define me.

Most of all, the less resistance I have around change, the more I flow with my ever transforming life.

Also, to my who cares theme: I am not a flippant person; very often, am quite the opposite. I care too much, am very serious, and often pass time wrapping myself in the external world while my internal world goes a bit dull.

Now it’s time to mix it up and care a bit less. Give it up. Surrender. Let that mess go.

And in turn, I care more by listening to myself.

I embrace this theme with all my being for my 2016.

Who cares?!

Now, over to you ~

Tell me what your theme, words, ideas or musings are for the new year!

As always…


R o s e


Who Cares? My theme for 2016…

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