Why do we give up?

why do we give up

Why do we give up?

To give up is like retreating, but not in the weekend away type of retreat.

Retreating as in coiling back, hiding, or feeling like if we don’t 💯 then we’re not worthy of claiming the thing we started out to do.

I’m remembering the projects, ideas, paintings, facebook groups I let fallow this year, though I was really excited about them as ideas or new beginnings.

Maybe that’s all they were meant to be – tiny nuggets of inspiration – and then something else is to come.

What would it look like if you gave yourself credit for what you did, instead of remorse but what you didn’t do?

What would it look like if you were more compassionate towards the ideas the moved through you, rather than clinging to them and their end result?

A few years ago, when I had a higher roster of coaching clients (now I only take 2 or 3 per month) – the theme I kept running into with the women who worked with me was this:

I’m not creative because I can’t get it done.

And what came from this, from my meeting these precious women where they were, was the idea that all things, people, and places have a season.

It’s the foundation of my coaching now to recognize that all our life is cyclical.

Today, as the new year ushers in, I’d like to re-frame giving up, or feeling like we failed or lost.

Feel the loss, grief, giving up as much as you need. And in there, like a tiny thread working to make sure your clothing functions, is your soul knowing that you will come out stronger.

One eye open, one eye closed – we are in all worlds at once, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Why do we give up?

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