You’re more than what you do

It’s confusing to be here sometimes, isn’t it?

You’re told to identify by your career or your status. As in, in your bio you’ll write: teacher, mother, wife…etc.

Yet. You’re much more than what you do.

Who you are isn’t how you spend your time.

Because if who we are, like the core essence of who we are, was contingent on what we do…most days I’d be a laundry slinger. Or a wiper of counters. Or a concerned about the state of the world worrier.

Today, I had this though today, as I was crossing off items for my taxes and putting toys away and felt really heavy.

What am I doing with my life?

Then this beautiful little statement from inside of me answered:

Who you are isn’t how you spend your time.

On the flip side, I claim myself as an artist, a person who creates escapes from this wild world with paint and paper.

How much time do I spend doing this?

Probably 30 minutes a day, tops.

Another example is when you’re sick, recovering, or just unable to move.

Like for me, after healing from surgery and taking care of my nursling…I laid in bed pretty much for months.

Who was I?

I was still the same perfectly imperfect human, worthy of all of life’s bounty and joys, that’s who I was.

When you feel like all you are is what you spend your time doing, I invite you to close your eyes. Place your hands right above your heart space.

Take one big breath,

That feeling, after that nice big breath, that contains who you are.

May you find peace, always, no matter what you’re doing.



You’re more than what you do

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