3 big lessons learned from being dumped

As a woman who decided on a committed relationship near 30, I know a thing or two about being dumped romantically.

The pain, the anguish, the confusion, the straight up pain in your chest, the relief; all of these aspects of a break up were on my doorstep a few days ago.

What I experienced wasn’t a romantic relationship breakup. Today, I am in the most supportive and loving relationship of my life.

What was happening was a more internal break-up.

I broke up with a part of myself that was no longer serving me.

I broke it off with the aspect of me that doesn’t entirely trust the Divine timing of life.

I left behind the worry, the fear, the anguish that keeps me relating to my life without abundance as my first motto.

I said no thank you that in me which teams up with my weakest thoughts and keeps me stuck in darkness.

I said I am better off without you because my creative mojo was trapped in trying to make the impossible work

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If you are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you will exhaust yourself and because of that all of your creative energy will be zapped up, too.

Today, I charge you to break up with whatever is holding you back. Break up with the person who zaps your creative energy. Break up with the aspect of yourself that holds you back from being totally you.

As you transform yourself, shed your skin, step into your light:

1. This time hurts, but you won’t be in pain forever.  Really, time is the healer of all wounds. This moment of painful transition is temporary. You won’t always be in the darkness or confusion that comes from the beginning of a new chapter. Believe in yourself, have faith in your present moment, and allow yourself the space you need to feel and heal.

2. Really, there is truly a better outcome waiting for you. It takes time (see above) to gain perspective on this idea, but there is a better tomorrow. I am so grateful for all my heart ache of the past, because it lead me to clarify what I wanted and knew I deserved for my dream relationship.

In this moment of clarity, your better outcome is waiting to hold your hand and guide you through the transition.

At this time you may notice a need for expression, a need to re-claim yourself creatively. Join forces with yourself, and sift through your emotions through creative expression. Maybe it’s running a marathon, or writing a short story: whatever serves you right here and now USE that to bring you out of the pain of this time into the pleasure of the present time.

3. You’ll always be connected. Part of what makes break-ups challenging is not knowing how to relate to the person/thing/place that is left behind in the breaking up. In my current situation, I know that the aspect of me that doesn’t entirely trust the Divine timing of life came from a place of serving me at one time. It probably manifested as a way to not cling to expectations.

Today, I trust that connection, that small thread of service, and know it will always be in me to continue to serve me. But how it manifests in my life today does not serve me at all. I trust it will be there for me when I need it again.

Same goes for a romantic relationship: you will always be connected, even if it’s decades later and it’s only a memory. You will always have that person/thing/place as part of your story, and you can access the goodness of it all in your vessel of a heart.

Soon, you may even have a great creative perspective soon on the lessons you’ve learned from your break up.

Trust that as you go with the creative flow of your life, that you are being held by the Divine to bring you into your greatest self.

To your break-ups, make-ups, mash-ups, and hick-ups ~ may your strength be found in the silence.

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3 big lessons learned from being dumped

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