Are you afraid of the dark?

An invocation for your creative dreams to be born…

As a people, we often bully the dark.

I hear from my clients the deep struggle with the dark, coming forth as fearful thoughts or doubt.

The collective belief is that engaging the darkness is often considered bad or wrong or destructive. There is so much emphasis on the light, the good, the joy that the dark, and it’s inherent benefits, gets smothered.

We need to embrace the dark in order to know the light.

Bright lights shine over our dark streets. Computer screens glow into the wee hours of the night. We rationalize miracles with words and formulas.

In our inner landscape, we fear what we do not know.

We are at war against the darkness of our soul. If you are shy, emotionally sensitive, clairvoyant, a seer, a fearless believer, introverted: you are abnormal.

We fight to know what is always going to be a mystery.

We try to figure it all out to the point of creative exhaustion.

We poke, prod, test and over analyze our delicate body and mind systems to discover what is unknown.

We unnecessarily induce babies birth dates because we can’t stand to wait for the mystery to unfold.

We wipe our tears in public, we excuse our selves to the bathroom, we shame ourselves if we are feeling depressed.

We label what is natural and in all of us as dark because the unknown scares us. 

Dear one, it’s time to be one with the darkness that is in you.

You are born from a womb of darkness and nourishment.

The seeds of your food came to life in the dark, damp underworld of the earth.

Your instincts, your creativity, + your trust all emerge from the silence of the dark.

The dark and primal energy that runs in us all makes us complete.

When you accept darkness as part of you, you stop trying to find what is wrong with you.

As you become one with the the night, with the rhythms of feeling dark, with the need for the concealment in your creative process, you will feel acceptance.

From the dark your creative soul is born.

Let go of figuring it all out.

Let the wild feminine Divine mother hold you and nurture you as you feed her with radical trust.

Embrace your dark unrevealed with all that you are. Unlock your answers. Trust that the roots of your soul are grounding you to your whole being, every step of the way.

You have all the answers inside of you.

Are you afraid of the dark?

It’s time stop giving your power away to the fear of the unseen.

I dare you to claim your darkness and trust the alchemy of all that is a mystery.

R o s e


Are you afraid of the dark?

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