Where to find creative inspiration

How do you stay motivated to do the things you do, day in and day out?

Is it out a sense of obligation or duty? Is it because you love what you do and it’s easy to stay motivated? Is it because your two year old reminds you of what needs to be happening?

Whatever the reason, you know best what keeps you showing up for your every day life.  

My question to you is:

Do you show up for your muse of creative inspiration?

The most common question I receive from my clients is this:

How do I stay inspired, motivated, and going toward my creative goals?

My best answer, on a basic level: 

Show up, with routine, for the muse then will know where to find you.

For example, on most mornings I show up in my studio space. My creative ritual includes clearing and cleaning off my tables, then I start drawing something.

Some days, time is expansive and it feels like the muse and I are one, and I have created good work. Other days, I show up to my studio and I wait. I wait. I wait. Those days that nothing strikes me, or my ideas literally go in the trash, don’t matter in the big picture.

The important thing is that I keep showing up to be inspired to create.

My tip to you is to keep showing up for your creative muse, every day. If that feels like too much: carve out an hour or two every weekend for your creative time. 

Important things to do as you set aside time for your creativity:

1. Turn off your phone + walk away from the computer.

2. Set a timer that goes off every 30 minutes so you can check in with your progress.

3. Tell your people (children, spouse, roommate, clients) that you are not to be interrupted during that time.

4. Call out to your muse. Invite the muse in through a prayer of inspiration + gratitude.

5. Make your space beautiful. Surround yourself with good lighting, and objects that have a special meaning.

6. Have a ritual, like drinking tea out of the same cup or lighting a candle, to remind you of why you’ve set aside time for your creativity.

7. Allow your mind to wander, but not too much. Notice if your mind wanders into your to-do list or if you resist your creative time.

My wish for you, beautiful creative being, is that you recognize that all your creative needs, inspiration, and desires live inside of you. 

Inside of you is where to find creative inspiration, every single day.

Keep arriving for your muse, yourself, and watch your dreams be born from your showing up. 

Embrace, create, live and love ~ 

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Where to find creative inspiration

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