How to be a Wizard of Fear

Fear, you know what? I’ve got your back.

I went to my first doula training workshop a few weeks ago. By this time, I have already been immersed in the required reading for a while. I have been to a birth. I have always been fascinated with the woman’s anatomy and physiology. So, I felt very prepared to be a doula.

I was in for a surprise!

I left the workshop feeling quite unprepared (which is FINE because it was just an introduction workshop. I was NOT supposed to leave there feeling prepared to be a doula).

This has given me a nice chance to reflect upon my fears, and all the range emotions that came up from this experience.

I realize that there are certain chapters of my Doula textbooks that I skip over. I happily avoid reading about the medical procedures that happen when, so to speak, a labor needs intervention. Epidural—I’ll read about that later. Cesarean section—I will have more time to study that tomorrow, etc.etc.etc.

Rest assured, my sweet future clients. I HAVE to know about this fear-inducing topic to become certified as a doula. Actually, I am growing to love the knowledge, and it all feels quite empowering. Therefore, I can help inform my clients on what may be a similar topic of fear or concern.

All of this makes me think of my yoga practice and how far I have come with my dedication to this fear-inducing hobby. Yoga, to me, is not just asana and a workout. My practice is about feeling alive and healthy within my alive and healthy body.

I am so lucky to be marrying a yoga instructor (I am so lucky to be marrying him, for a myriad of reasons, but that rampage of appreciate will be a future article). As a loving yoga teacher, he has helped me get over some of the fearful postures that I would, like reading about cesarean sections, say: I’ll learn that one tomorrow.

Through proper mental support, learning physical alignment, and letting go of the outcome, I have learned to trust more through the practice of yoga.

Now I say—I’ll approach this posture with love and guidance from the Divine.

Now I know, I am supported (like in this photo, by a wall and God) through all my fears.

Fear—I’ve got your back. Let me transform you with love and show you what I can do. I can become a Doula, with ease and Grace, like I can balance on these strong, gifted hands.

Be an alchemist of your fears–shower them in love and you will see…your potential is limitless!

With fearless love,

How to be a Wizard of Fear

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