My Art Making Process

Last week, my beloved sister-in-law took a moment to publicly thank me, among some other creative minds, for shining the light on the path of being able to creatively go for it.

I was humbled beyond words, because–to me this is my life service. To create, to share beauty, to live from that place of meaning-making–my Art is my ultimate bow to the Divine.

Honestly, some days think I’ve lost my mind taking the leap into making my art my life.

But, as I like to say, I am in service to this light. I am, ultimately, in service to God in my work of being an Artist.

Seriously. I believe, with my whole being, that I was not given this talent just to wait until Sunday afternoon to make art.

I did that, and for so long I was feeling that missing of something.

This reflection has made my wheels start to turn about my own creative process.

Right now, I want to share with you on the processes I take for making art.

1. Scribble your heart out

I work from the mess upward. I really don’t love the way a blank page looks, so I end up marking it up quite a bit before I start. My exception is when I paint teapots. Then, I am so methodical with the painting process I sometimes want to burst (in the good way).

Also, don’t be afraid to make a scribbly mess during the process.

From the mess comes the beauty! It’s the number one way I work for a reason.

2. Erase and throw it out

Sometimes, what you make is just not good. Sometimes, you make awful mistakes. Sometimes, a blank stage is better than what you just created. Erase it, let it go. From the letting go, you will find more inspiration.

The void space is better than the trying to fix a mistake space.

3.  Know you are making an impact

I recently was leading a creativity coaching session, and my client and I were talking about making an impression. She did not really know if anyone is picking up what she is putting down, so to speak.

My response: you never know who you are affecting. Usually, even by just walking down the street with a smile, you are lifting someone up.

We live in the crazy interconnected-ever expanding digital age. More than likely, what you create, say, write and do is seen my more than yourself.  And more than likely, it is being received,Rose_166 and perhaps even shifting someone’s life for the better.

You are making an impact by your very doing and being and following your heart.

4. Keep it up

I can think of a few times in my life when I didn’t do any art making. Other things really took the time, space, and energy–and I really didn’t feel like creating.

You know what, my lovely readers:

That’s was just fine.

You can have weeks, days, years, or even your whole life when you didn’t create.

That absent time doesn’t mean you can’t create anymore or that you weren’t born creative.

If you have the urge, do it. Start now. Don’t worry about the past. Have fun. Scribble, erase, and know you are seen.

This is my art making process. My key principles for making art are these:

1. Get loose
2. Get spacious
3. Trust the work
4. Be self compassionate

To your very own art making process!





Examples of my process:

my erasing process in full affect
my erasing process in full affecof my process:




a page of my sketchbook
a page of my sketchbook


believe it or not, I literally slapped the paper with ink before drawing on this piece!
believe it or not, I literally slapped the paper with ink before drawing on this piece!

My Art Making Process

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