What your Tea says about You

A new take on tea readings…

I love tea. In case you did not notice this about me, let me proclaim this loudly: I love tea.

Tea has shifted my body, my lifestyle, and has given me a new focus on my artistic creations.

So, in this week’s post I’m keeping it light and fun. Today, I bring you my own take on a personality assessment via….tea!

What your tea of choice today says about you:

Black: Busy is your name and busy is your game (and you rock it!). Slow to wake in the morning, you enjoy a quiet start to your filled to the brim days. You are a solid, steady, and sturdy person. You are in good physical health, and you shine from your place of stability. Colors to surround yourself with: Red & Magenta

Oolong: You use your senses to find your way in this life. You are not afraid of your dreams to become a reality. You feel openly, and are deeply empathetic. You love all things sweet, including fruits to eat and the fruits of life. You’re in the flow, and you more than likely know what phase of the moon we are in right now. Colors  to surround yourself with: Orange & Pink 

Green: You hear the music of life in every breath. Your are introspective, creative, and a clear communicator. You are the messenger of life’s good news. Your ability to understand others is your gift. Your voice is an asset, and you quick to learn other languages of the places you visit in this world. Colors to surround yourself with: Turquoise & Light blue

tea readings

Pu-er: You are a serious power house. Fearless and fiery, your energy is sustained throughout the entire day. You are a secretive person, as well as a keeper of others secrets. You love the sunshine and you love radiant objects in every day life. Your sense of purpose is clear. Colors to surround yourself with: Yellow & Black 

Roobois: You are a lover of all, and beloved by all. When people talk about a heart of gold, that is you. You are a balanced person, with a sense of compassion and acceptance in every breath. You have a deep relationship with the spirit world. Your presence brings a sense of peace to all those you encounter. Colors to surround yourself with: Green & Rose

White tea: You are light in your body and mind. You have a deep sense of wisdom that goes beyond your lifetime. You are generally relaxed, yet need your routine to keep you sane. You love the delicate things in life and take care of your surroundings with this love.  Colors to surround yourself with: Rainbows-go for the whole spectrum 

Tisane (herbal tea): You are a dreamer. You trust your perception. You are a quiet person by nature, and are confident with your being. Your ability to imagine and have fun with the visual world is your passion.  You are connected to nature by your intuitive knowledge. Colors to surround yourself with: Lapis Blue & White

I hope you’ve had fun reading about your tea-nature in this light hearted take on what your tea says about you. I added some color schemes in there to add a dash of color theory fun for your tea reading.

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Tell me whether this tea reading true for you today in the comments below!

What your Tea says about You

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