Time Management for Creative People

Time management for Creative People

As I sit here, and approach this blog, my journal is laid out before me. I am planning, writing, thinking and dreaming up my day.

Part of my plan today is to write a blog post. I typically have 3-5 ideas swimming through my head on what I want to write. And my first impulse to writing a blog to say “I don’t have time for that.”

So I decided now to sit my bum down, and write about time management for creative people, like you and me.

A theme that I have noticed in a few of my coaching client conversations, as well as in my friend groups, is feeling like there is not enough time. Time management is it’s own world, especially for creative people, and in that world is an endless amount of advice, guides, and resources.

time management for creative people

I’m here to break it down for you in the best way I know possible; in a way that has helped me and my peeps tremendously.

Time, in summary, is linear and relative. We know that hour 11 plus 1 hour equals hour 12: that’s the linear aspect of time. We also know that there are moments in our life when time seems to speed up; like when you are enjoying yourself on vacation. There are the times when time slows down; like in giving birth; this is the relative aspect of time.

In writing this, I have a few wishes for you. I want you to feel freedom. I want you to feel like time is your resource, not your enemy. I want you to get into the juiciest relationship possible with time.

Here are my thoughts to get time to turn into your greatest creative asset:

1. Get real with how much time you spend doing what. One day, write down how long it takes you to do things. Shower, eat breakfast, commute to work, check your email, buy the groceries, give the kids a bath. After you get real with how much time you are doing stuff, you can see where your time energy is spent. This task may shock you (I spend how many hours on social media!) or pleasantly surprise you(wow, I only spend 13.5 minutes getting ready in the morning!). Either way, getting real with the linear aspect of time is your first step.

2. Form time like clay: Now that you have an idea of where your time is spent, ask yourself: if time were not an issue, what would I really be doing with my day? Now, take action and own time: find some 5 minutes on day one to do that brings you creative joy. Day 2, 10 minutes, Day 3, 15 minutes, and so on. Start to take time and form it around these pleasure pauses, as I like to call them. Pause, feel and notice what gives you pleasure, and then do it.

3. Stop bullying time: Ahhhhh, this is the cream of the cream (is that even an expression?). This is the fluid aspect of time, the creative energy aspect time. First, you’ve got to forgive what time has done to you. You have to surrender to being at war with time. This includes all the aspects of time you get upset about: the aging process, the restrictive 24 hour day, the need for sleep, etc. Recognize that time is relative. Time is a relationship: you get what you focus on. If you focus on time being a bully, it will be a bully back. Spend the energy you’d be worrying about time and lean back, literally, into the space of the present moment: the real, true, only time you ever truly have. 

Every day, ask/tell yourself:

What do I want to do with my time?

What do I tell myself or others about time?

Time is linear and relative. I choose to relate to it with compassion, love, and acceptance.

Now is the time to take ownership and live fully, beautiful and creative being. What are you waiting for?

time management for creative people

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Time Management for Creative People

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