Become change resilient

Become change resilient and ride the waves of life with grace.

We’re always changing. From the moment we’re born until we die, change is constant. Whether it’s change with our body, minds, spirit or changing where we live, who we know, how we experience life: change is constant.

Yet, for so many (me!) change always feels like the rug has been pulled from underneath my feet.

I like to think of the creative process as I approach change resiliency. When you’re in a season of creative summer, you often have a outpouring of ideas. Then, later on in the process you will remove or edit those ideas. In painting, this is often an integral step in connecting with your audience: removing the unnecessary parts takes destruction – aka change.

To become a change resilient human is to grow and evolve into a greater sense of who we are. To notice that change is a necessary component of life’s evolution, well, is freedom.

There’s nothing to fix

Feeling a lot of things around change isn’t something to fix or be ashamed of. It’s a gift that you feel so deeply. To be change resilient is to be able to feel and to be able to reason yourself through change.

For instance, when covid-19 quarantine came around a few months ago, I felt immediate grief and sadness about all that had to change. I felt this for a while, and it over came my ability to reason or make decisions.

Then, after some research, like I do, to figure out why I couldn’t make any decisions well. It was because I wasn’t allowing the reason part of my brain to speak up. Read more about that here.

Once I learned there was no way I could fix this big change, I felt freedom in my body (truly) and was able to move forward feeling stronger with my state of uncertainty.

Trust how integrated the change will become

On a global scale, we’re all becoming forever changed. Covid-19 will shift our lives forever. Whether it be the grief that we held or never shaking another person’s hand again in the future- change will become integrated into daily life over time.

Trust is a part of our imagination. Remembering the big picture, of even how different life feels now than in early 2020, will guide you to access your resilency.

Tell yourself a radical story

Our brains are wired to protect us from harm. It’s a function that is there for a reason – to keep us alive from danger. So, very often, when presented with a fear, which change can do, we imagine the worst case scenarios as outcomes to prevent us from pain.

I’ve been rewiring this aspect of fear induced thoughts in order to become more change resilient.

Instead of imagining the worst case scenario every moment of the day, I speak this to myself:

What if things could turn better than you imagined?

How about that for a what-if?

It’s been a few weeks of working those words into my daily life, and I’m happy to report that I feel less anxious. My decisions can be both challenging and the best for that moment, instead of delibitating.

Change resiliency, and the ability to adapt to life’s shifts, is in each and every one of us. Sometimes it takes a reminder (or thousands) that you can do this. Dear one, you can do this. I can do this.

Together, we, are doing this.

Embracing you,


Thanks for reading. I appreciate you with all my heart. Find out more about me here.

Become change resilient

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