Love Yourself

Love is Letting Go

Love is not clingy. Love is not about holding tight. Love is not dependency. Love is letting go. Dear one, I write this to you as an invitation. I write this as a lesson I’ve learned with loving myself. I think one of the reasons I became a doula and a mentor and an artist[…]

Finding the Love of your Life

again, and again, and again and again…. This blog post is about love. It’s about me finding the love of my life. But what really lies behind these words is a journey of finding the self love and self worth. I adore my husband to the moon and back. I could write page after page[…]

The New Year Resolution Nerves

I love the idea of the New Year. Starting anew is invigorating, and feeling that refreshment of a year wiped away by the click of a clock is cleansing. I love LOVE LURVE the New Year. But, the focus on New Year’s resolutions get me all wired up. Goal setting. Resolutions. Changing habits. All these[…]

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