Why Being SuperWoman is Wasting your Precious Time

Hi devoted one,
I write this post to you from a place of knowing why there is no such thing as superwoman, and it’s exhausting to try and live to that ideal.

I write this a deep place of compassion and love for myself and for you.

I see you, dear lady, sleepy, tired, and burnt out, confused.

I see you, mama, feeling that oh-so-toxic compassion fatigue. Giving way too much and not even understanding how to receive.

I see you, young lady, with a yearning for some creative mojo in your life again.

See, we ladies have taken a lot of leaps to get to where we are today as: business owners, mothers, friends, lovers, colleagues, and inventors. And some days, we do it all.

Yet, there is no way to do it all well and fully, and that ideal “superwoman” image, an image created by comic book writers in the 1940s, is hurting so many of us: leaving us burnt out trying to reach a place of perfection saving the entire universe.

I’m sorry, beloved reader, but there is no way you can change the entire universe. All that you can change is yourself, and sometimes that’s a messy and wild process of awakening and awareness.

Accepting that there are tides and pulses of being in your life is true freedom.

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To me, to be feminine is to be wild, unsure, yielding, chaotic, powerful, and mysterious. It’s the opposite of taking action, 24/7, it’s the opposite of superwoman all day every day.

I have recently been deeply engaged in the study of women in history, particularly Art History, and I see these unruly, feminine qualities are preserved in time over and over again.

Why do we only love these images in Art, but often hate the Ruben-esque elements of ourselves? 

I don’t have the answers as to why we have gotten away from praising the feminine mystery over time. But, I do see that denying that energy  in myself ends up bringing pain.

And I see it in the woman I mentor at times, even to the extent of getting so in their heads something so primal like birth is hard to imagine.

Being superwoman is a waste of your precious time. There, I said it again, and I know that may ruffle your feathers if she is your icon.

This really isn’t about superwoman, after all. This post is about accepting our feminine qualities as powerful.

No one can do everything perfectly, and you know why? Because we are imperfect humans. That’s why we are here on this planet, to mess up, fail, love, cry, be…and yield to the higher power in all the outcomes.

Prayer: Please oh Divine beloved, may I remember my wild feminine ways and ask for help from other women and men in life.

So my loves, ask for help if you need to take a freaking nap every once and a while. And be able to receive it without kicking and screaming. Be yielding to the feminine mystery in you and around you.

So my woman, remind yourself that some days you won’t be perfect.

Oh my darling yes, you will not know the outcome, there will be failure, and your body will change like crazy over the course of your life.

Accept yourself as you are.

Let me say this again.

Accept yourself as you are.

Wild, free, unknowing, accepting, spiritual, wise, and beautiful…you are who you are and that is amazing.

Accepting ourselves as wild and free is the first step to defining the wild muse inside of us all.

To your loving your own wild muse & please get some rest if you so need it ~ 



Why Being SuperWoman is Wasting your Precious Time

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