Finding the Love of your Life

again, and again, and again and again….

This blog post is about love.

It’s about me finding the love of my life.

But what really lies behind these words is a journey of finding the self love and self worth.

I adore my husband to the moon and back. I could write page after page after page about our love.

But right now, I want to write about finding the love of your life.


Here is part of my road to love:

What drove me into the journey of finding deep love was heartache. My heart ached so much from a loss that I wasn’t even sure about how to find love again. After all, all the paths I was trying were leading to no where.

I was going after un-findable love. I thought love was over in another continent it was so un-findable.

I was really displacing my heart’s love during this search.

What I was looking for was really the sense of peace inside.

What I was looking for was my love for the Divine to be my foundation.

What I was looking for was deep self worth and self love.

What I was looking for as I searched for the love of my life was me.

After coming into this somewhat hard realization, I let it all go.

I let go of the possibility of meeting someone immediately.

I let go of any expectations of what he looks, talks like, feels like, comes from, etc.

I let go of needing to be with someone to be whole.

Honestly, when I realized that I didn’t have to find someone to be complete, none of that displaced-pining-love stuff mattered anymore.

To interject, I met my husband within days of my honest, gritty, grimy letting go. We were engaged about 2 years later. 

Finding my place of accepting myself, my present moment, and allowing true love is my strength story.

I feel that since I became receptive to self-love in my life, I can do anything.

Since I began to see divine love in my life, I am everything.

Believing in myself and all I am capable of was (is) the hardest journey I have ever taken. I am infinitely stronger and healthier now that I have taken this path.

I invite you to do the same, as you are finding the love of your life.

Love yourself.

Cultivate your sense of self worth.

Let go.



Receive God’s love.

Know that you as you are are whole and complete.

Be you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, and may you always remember that you are divine love embodied.

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Finding the Love of your Life

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