Creative Mornings – 7 steps to make your morning routine amazing

There are so many ways to get caught up in the rush of mornings. For those of us that work during the day, sometimes there just is not enough time in the morning to do much besides get out of bed and go.

DeathtoStock_Wired4Here are 7 tips to get your creative juices flowing in the morning. These creativity exercises aren’t super time consuming–instead, they lend to you being an active participant in your morning. Give yourself the gift of active, creative mornings – the rest of your day will thank you for it!

Be thankful – You have been given the gift of life. Your body, mind & spirit all hear everything you say and feel. Give thanks to the simple act of waking and being.

Bless yourself – My really good friend gave me this suggestion; when you wake up, before getting out of bed, say a blessing to yourself. Use this one: May I bring blessings and be blessed today.

Do something reflective – Journal, sit in meditation, or stare out of a window. Reflect and enjoy the spacious quality of your fresh to the day mind.

Drink a hot beverage – I am a fan of hot water with lemon and then green tea a little later in the morning. Drink something warm to get your internal organs awake and revived, ready for your day.

Exercise – Take 5 minutes and do a few jumping jacks, planks, push ups. If you like yoga, do 5 sun salutations. If you exercise longer, you’ll have to wake earlier, but it is so important to clear your body and get your energy ready for the day.

Use beautiful items – One of the reasons I shifted my art practices from flat, 2-D drawing to painting on teapots was the desire for everyone to have beauty in their daily routines. When you surround yourself by pleasing to the eyes items, you feel rich, abundant, and comforted by your morning rituals.

Eat good, whole food – When you eat a breakfast that is nourishing, you prepare your mind for new ideas and your body is energized. As a vegetarian, I’ll eat quinoa or oatmeal loaded with good spices and flax seeds. Eat healthy, non sugary foods that will sustain you in your morning hours.

I wish you success in your creative mornings, and for your new rituals to bring you a sense of vitality and inspiration. Take one or all of these suggestions and watch your life transform!







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Creative Mornings – 7 steps to make your morning routine amazing

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