Creative Soul Reflection: Time

In this series, called Creative Soul Reflection, I circle back to posts or writings of my past and bring a new voice (literally) to the idea.

Take a moment to listen in to my discussion in a short audio podcast of sorts. Each audio is 20-30 minutes. I want you to absorb these thoughts on your drive to work, while you color in your coloring book, if as you gaze out a window thinking of your own uniqueness that makes you you.

My words are an invitation to bring you into deeper knowing of your creative soul.

Highlights of this creative soul reflection

~ balancing the linear vs. relative aspects of time

~ getting real about where you spend your time doesn’t mean you have permission to beat yourself up

~ evaluating what your relationship to time looks like

Blog referenced in this audio:

Time management for creative people

Check out this goal setting course for organizing your time and dreams.

Blessings to your creative soul ~

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Creative Soul Reflection: Time

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One thought on “Creative Soul Reflection: Time

  1. Great information to move forward with. So flowing with positive energy. Thank you!

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