The Mystery of Conception

Sometimes, I’d like to believe we live in a predictable world, a world that has many a +b = c  moments.

But then I’d think, that predictability would be pretty freaking boring, right?

Truth be told, there really isn’t much that is that predictable, anyways. As many of us know, our life can change in the moment of one single phone call or a right place at the right time occurrence. There is an intense amount of mystery about what truly happens in our life. Where else is there mystery in our lives?

Just think of human conception. Much of conception is science or can be quantified, and in an over simplified way: egg and sperm meet and become one to form a human life.

But then think of human conception, as we know it and experience it. Think of how many women try to become pregnant and have months of waiting for conception to take place. Or think of how many women surprisingly, even with various types of prevention, become pregnant.

There is a beautiful and veiled aspect to the mystery of conception.


Furthermore, there is the formation of life inside a woman’s body, where during the first few weeks a woman may not know she has conceived. Or perhaps she does know, but there is so much unknown and veiled yet from the unborn baby; there are always those few weeks that a pregnancy test you get from the store doesn’t really hold much truth.

These examples of the unknown in conception alone are mysterious, don’t you think? No matter how much we know, we still never see everything that goes on from love making to baby conception.

My question to you is, how does the mystery of conception relate to your own ideas you are wanting to bring forth and birth in your being?

In my personal life, I have been waiting and practicing patience with my new ideas and dreams to bloom, and for my business to gain further financial success. I was getting really frustrated with the process of doing the work, but not seeing results–to the point of not knowing what to do next. Then I asked myself, what would I coach or teach someone in this very same situation?

And my answer came back to my work as a Doula, a soul enriching work that, honestly makes me look at myself really deeply and profoundly. I am grateful for it, and for the trust my clients put in me to witness their powerful beings birth another being into this world.

I’d say: there is mystery in everything we experience. And especially, there is mystery in the ideas we desire to see born. That mystery, akin to the mystery of conception, is totally wild and unruly.

To get better at feeling at one with the unknown:

1. Set an intention for your outcome. It’s always a sure thing to focus on an affirmation or intention to the result of a situation, rather than an outcome. Try these for starters: I intend to feel peace in every moment or Everything is working out in the time it needs. Repeat

2. Seek the mystery. Go into nature. Go to an amazing art museum. Read about the Nobel prize winners for this year. Places and people do things all the time that contain mystery. Be a seeker of the mystery in order to get acquainted with all it’s forms.

3. Walk the line of mystery. This one is tricky, because like I noted before, I often want to know that the results to my actions are going to look a certain way. But the greatest lesson I have learned lately is that by being ok with the unknown, this feminine yin quality of life, is rewarding beyond measure. It is soul satisfying to at one with the mystery.

4. Explore the quiet. To explore the quiet means to really carve out time in your life where you are not doing anything. Meditation, sitting and gazing out of the window, or going for long walks alone are my favorite ways to get real with quiet. The mystery of life becomes more comforting when you have a dialogue with the sweet gift of quiet.

5. Accept the ride that is given to you. My beloved reader, you must accept where you are in order to get to the next place. Whatever spot you are in, whether you are wanting to bring forth a life or an idea, you need to say to yourself: this is my life. I accept it with all of my heart in order to move forward into my next phase. This acceptance is healing and allows for you to get unstuck.

May you love and cherish the mystery of life, from birth to all the facets of being a born person. This life is so precious and mysterious, and may you travel happily knowing it is so ~


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The Mystery of Conception

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