How to say goodbye with Style

Don’t you just love the image of a nice present, wrapped with a pretty bow, ready to be given away?

I am living in this image.

I am getting ready to take the most final-final steps to close the chapter on my archiving work. This work has been my career for many years!

I will be giving a presentation at the New Orleans Museum of Art about my work, and I’m really excited.

I’m really excited that the last phase of this trying, rewarding, and eventful work is a public forum.

I’m really excited because one of my loves is to be able to share my insights and what I’ve learned (about a myriad of topics) with others.

During the time of my talk (which is during the retrospective opening of the Artist whose work I archived) there will be a second line parade, there will be dinner parties, there will be much celebration–a very typical New Orleans style!

But to do this with my own style, I am bringing me.

That’s all the style I need.

I am bringing my gracious, happy, and open heart to share and to say goodbye.

I am bringing my own personal style of thankfulness and love, and knowing that it is enough.

My own personal style is the bow on the package.

My leaving behind this work for others to learn from is the gift.

I’m so ready, happy, and anticipatory to give the information away to the Art world and beyond to transform.

So, I ask you today ~ to what or where can you bring your own unique style?  How can you use your style it to say goodbye to a part of your life that you are happy to see end, in the most bittersweet and respectful way?

To your style!

How to say goodbye with Style

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