How Creativity can be a Reflective Practice

Last week, I created this painted teapot after a snow storm came through Western North Carolina–plus much of the United States (part of a polar vortex, which is an amazing name!)

As I was hand painting this teapot, I was stuck in a few spots.

I felt that my life was a bit of a hamster wheel at that moment.

I felt, for the most part, really freaking great because I was doing what I love.

But there was this other loop going through my mind, that was quite literally on replay over and over and over again. And it wasn’t extremely positive, either.

I know, hands down, that the weather has a huge impact on my sense of YES or NO in my day. In other words, weather affects my whether it’s a good moment or a sad moment.

So, of course during the polar vortex I’m experiencing real good and real funk.

And I looked back on this painted teapot, and I saw a direct mirror of my story for that day:

I experience the same things over and over as I live and dwell on this earth. And within that is all the me stuff: firm, delicate, beautiful, and whole.


Much like this painted teapot full of loops has taught me, I am what I create. My creations are me.

I get to either make beauty of all the loops in my day or not.

In other words:

Life is Art and Art is Life.

What do you think? How would you want to see your life as a piece of art? Would it be a mysterious, joyful, historical, sci-fi, action packed or quiet feeling that others experience while looking at your piece?

Creativity is a most reflective, supreme, almighty practice. Are you ready to start your creativity practice today?

Welcome to your every moment, living and experiencing your beautiful loops.


How Creativity can be a Reflective Practice

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