How to clean dirty film & slides–archivally!!

This little cleaning solution has been my archiving dream come true.


I deal with cleaning a lot of slides that have weather damage, contain dirt & finger smudges.  The PEC-12 solution works magic! It’s non-water based, so it’s also an archival method of cleaning your film.

Works on: negatives, slides, & prints

What you need:

Pec-12 Photo emulsion cleaner
Micro-fiber cloth
A well ventilated room (and if you are extra sensitive, like me, wear a mask!!!)

How to use:

First, be in a well ventilated room.

Second, spray Pec-12 on micro fiber cloth

Lastly, Gently (GENTLY!) run the cloth with cleaner onto the film. Never scrub, that may damage the surface of the film.

Allow for the film to air dry for about a minute before placing back into storage.

Voilá! A much brighter, cleaner image surface will be revealed to you!

Let me know how it works for you!

How to clean dirty film & slides–archivally!!

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