The Action of Arrival

So, you know the story. Wake up, go to work, do your best work, come home. Rinse & repeat, Monday through Friday.

I did this for years. I am very lucky that I figured out, about 5 years ago, that an 8-5 desk job at a computer makes me feel like I’m a dim light.

I like to move, sing, take long walks, and work at 9pm, have long tea breaks, and call my family as often and unscheduled as I want to.

The absence of knowing what comes next excites me ~ there is freedom, for me, in that feeling of excitement.

Yet, I will say this. There is something tremendously sacred about arriving every day to do work.

The action of arrival is a great teacher.

As I work on my Art business, I know I have to show up every day.

I have to create, I have to market, and most of all, I have to believe in my work more than anyone else in the world.

I have to do this even if I don’t know if my sales will come in that day.

I have to do this even if self criticism comes up.

I have to do this even when fear tells me world is against me.

Because, my belief in myself and my Art and my passions and my relationship to God is a million times infinity times stronger than fear.


Showing up to your life shows the Divine that you are open to receiving a bountiful life.

You have to show up like your fattest paycheck ever is waiting for you at the end of the day.

You have to arrive with dignity and truth and love for your ability to even know you need to show up.

You have to know that you are paying yourself value and self love by living from a place of your own truth.

The muse lives in all forms within you, from energized to hibernating.

You are the muse’s vessel. You are the muse’s keeper. You are the muse’s arrival and departure point.

to your muse: Be kind. Be honest. Be clear. Arrive.

I recognize that I’ve been in debt to myself for a long time.

I am paying off serious soul debt as I’ve denied myself the pleasures of creating my loving life for many, many, many years.

And I know that biggest paycheck is right before my eyes.

All I have to do is arrive…

To your arrival,



The Action of Arrival

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2 thoughts on “The Action of Arrival

  1. Amen, sister! This is such a beautifully worded post and such sage advice. Thank you for showing up – and for putting this out there! <3

    1. Thank you, beautiful Jana! I feel like a joyful servant of the word as I write openly. I’m full of gratitude to know that you got the goodness from this post, too!

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