Maybe there are gifts there

Have you ever been going through a tough time, and you’ve thought:

Oh, maybe I need to revisit this feeling because I didn’t process the emotions totally last time.

Maybe. Probably not, though.

I think there are gifts (in that underground emotional mucky place) that you didn’t see the last time you were there.

That’s why you revisit stuff – because the world knows you’re ready to recieve the gifts there.

For instance. Last night, I had a dream about 2 people I have had to put huge boundaries up and around my relationship to them.

The dream was super weird.

But I woke this morning feeling like…well, besides weird, I had the feeling that I’m strong, I’ve made the right choices, and I’m also able to say:

I have compassion.

Why is that a gift? Because for a really long time I’ve held onto anger and anxiety around this situation. And those feelings are still there. But the compassion comes in to tell me:

Don’t be so hard on yourself for being in this tough place to begin with.

Maybe there are gifts there in the muck. We all come from the darkness.

And I would argue to the moon and back that you, dear one, are a gift.

Maybe there are gifts there

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