When the Stars Don’t Align

The full title of this post is:

The stars align, and sometimes they don’t. But that is okay because then you get brilliant things like shooting stars and meteor showers.

Alternative title:

Your life aligns, and sometimes it doesn’t. But that is okay because you get brilliant openings to mysterious new beginnings.

(Speaking of, did any of you catch sight of the Perseid meteor shower?)

Why all these long titles? Here’s my story:

I was in a funk this morning. I’ve been working diligently on a plan for Embodied Expansion that, I just found out, isn’t going to pan out quite yet. I realize that all that work was good for me in the long run, but I also was bummed at the opportunity not aligning now.

So, I drove to a favorite spot to take a short walk. As I approached the walk, I remembered how often I used to take this path. I took it a lot during a time when I was getting over an extremely hard time in my life.

Here I stood today, in my funk from a pretty fun new thing in my life, and thought:

Look at how far I have come

This very path heals me more ways than one

All things happen for a reason

All of that stuff back then is informing this bliss-seeking present moment

I have so much to be grateful for

You see, for me, it’s all about blessing the stuff that was hard. Or is hard. It’s challenging to do–it has taken some radical practice to be able to do this action.

This blessing practice helps in looking out and up of one’s own way while in a state of depression (or as I sweetly call it: funk).

Maybe you will even see a shooting star in the sky when you do so.

I believe we are all here for some type of expansion.

How will you choose to view yours?

I’m star gazing with you,


When the Stars Don’t Align

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