Sacred Salt


I just had the pleasure of spending a week with my family in the place where I grew up, with a trip to the beach almost every day. There were so many lessons that I learned on this visit. Here I share some of what the salt laden air whispered to me:

1. Magic happens in the mundane
The ocean is magical. The vast ocean is an unknown territory. But, you know what? The ocean does it’s mundane job day in and day out, and it still sparkles and glistens it’s magic. I believe it is in steadiness that magic happens.

2. Get some rest
I’m not just talking about sleep. I recently started to practice  the art of turning in 2-3 hours before bed. I find myself actually more ready and awake the next day after a night of low key activity. Try this: get off electronics and only read, write, or have conversation during the last hours of your day. Rest will become more profound!

3. Listen
My parents have an amazing capacity to converse. I can sit with them both for hours and talk, listen, and learn. Listening is an under valued quality at times, but it makes one a better communicator, in the end.

4. Water heals
Numerous times in my life I have resorted to the ocean to facilitate the healing of my emotions. I have cried tears that blended into the infinite salt of the water. I went to the ocean this time with body wounds from a recent fall during a run. I felt like being buoyant in the water really reminded me to forgive myself for the fall, to keep my mood light, and to keep running without fear of falling again. Enough said: water heals.

5. Relax your face
The sun and it’s rays are brilliantly powerful. As a result of this power, at times I find my face so so so tight and squished when I am in the sun (I do the same facial action in the extreme cold). This week, I practiced relaxing my face this week while under the intense sun. I promise, I saw more through my eyes when I softened my gaze.

6. Bathe in the Sun
Vitamin D Vitamin D Vitamin D: it boost your immune system and it’s necessary for almost all of your systems. Don’t over do it, and of course…take precaution if you have other instructions or are very fair complected. But the sun is there to love us and support our planet’s rotation, and importantly–keep those blues away for us earth dwellers. 30 minutes a day is all it takes!

7. Each of us is whole and complete
There is nothing like submerging your whole and complete and totally imperfect body into a mass of ocean to feel like you have all you need for the present moment. We have all the tools we need to keep our life floating in abundance. Even with all those wishes, shoulds, only ifs, and general bliss resistances that come up: each of us is whole and complete as we are!!!

8. Find a Fascinating Topic
Almost each time I have an extended visit with my family, they each tell me of their new topic of ready or study. It reminds me to find a fascinating topic, learn it, and then if you want, share the knowledge. This cycle keeps you forever engaged in the mystery and excitement of life.

9. The ocean can never be contained. Neither can you.
Your potential is endless, and it is ever expanding. Go for it!


Sacred Salt

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