The Best Kept Secret for Public Speaking

I am back from the Big Easy, and that’s exactly how I am feeling.

Easy. In the flow. Allowing. Relaxed.

My husband, Jason, taught a great yoga class this morning on how leaving routine behind can really be refreshing, and upon returning to your day to day life, you have a new lens to look at everything

In other words, sometimes you need to get out of your funk in order to find your groove.

Furthermore, I had the best public speaking engagement to date during my time in New Orleans.

I spoke a week ago at the New Orleans Museum of Art on a panel about my archiving work, amongst others who were involved in my work process.

I prepared quite a bit for the talk. I did my note taking, reflecting, and mapping out of ideas.

I realized, given the nature of a panel discussion, that there would be a conversational element to my public speaking engagement.

So within knowing this, I did one more thing to prepare that changed my world:

I got in the flow.

The best kept secret about public speaking is to STOP planning so much.

I spent the afternoon before my discussion playing and laying around a pool. There was no need to stress, I had done everything I needed to to be ready.

For me, all that tends to happen when over preparing (insert other word: worrying) about public speaking is I’m all over the place in my head.

In over planning, I imagine way too many scenarios, and then my words feel scripted, stiff and, for lack of a better word, weird.

For me, the biggest part of being able to have such a successful public talk is to allow for everything to unfold. And to trust my deep inner knowledge to guide me through each and every word.

And for the record, our panel discussion was fun. I’ve been saying it was a blast and I mean it with all my being.

During the public talk, there was laughter from us and from the audience, there were engaged questions asked, and feedback was given that the honesty and love on stage brought others to tears!


I am humbled.

This getting in the flow, allowing, and being present is the real deal.

So, dear one, I ask you to create today. Create a new space to experience your life. You may go somewhere you have never been and find yourself relaxed. Or you may just stop thinking about that future thing that has you so excited or not so excited, in order to experience the beauty right in front of you.

Whatever you create, remember to pause and let whatever unfold that needs to unfold.

You have got everything you need to make it happen. Create today and tell me your experience!

To your flow,

The Best Kept Secret for Public Speaking

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