Listen to yourself

What I’ve been culminating in the quiet and chaos of this time is various forms of this message:

There’s no one out there that can answer the direction of your path but you.

AND, all your story, trauma, sorrow, joy, and experience is there (not to be ignored or bypassed) as you keep making the right decisions, one moment at a time.

It takes a lot to unravel conditioning and to listen to yourself. Needing to listen to yourself comes into play on a big scale (do I stay or do I go?) or small (what do I want off the menu?).

The world out there is only getting louder and more clogged with info.

There’s never been a better time to use creativity to access relief and, then, a way to hear yourself better.

I believe in you to listen to yourself, first.

More on this in this week’s studio diary. I play with watercolors and tell you exactly HOW this practice can help you to listen to yourself.

Supporting research:

Creativity as a stress relief

Neuroplasticity study

Thanks for reading and as always, I’m here for you.

Listen to yourself

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