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Document your day is series of 28 prompts to help creatives grieve ambiguous loss caused by COVID-19.

Daily actions, such as taking a photo or journaling events, gives perspective and a sense of agency during times of loss.  Ambiguous loss, a term coined by therapist Dr. Pauline Boss, is a grief that has no closure, unlike the loss of a person with funeral rituals. Documentation is the ritual for these times. 

The most important aspect of this is to have one place you know to look back on for your documentation. Like, a folder on your computer or in your phone. Or a journal you use over and over again.

Also, documentation isn’t a mental process. As in, you won’t be able to document by memory alone. In order for this to guide you through your emotions and feelings, it’s got to come out of your body.

A few examples of documentation include:

– A photo snap shot of a moment you want to remember
– Logging a few sentences in your journal
– A note in your phone

The result, I believe, will be that over time you’ll see your life and notice progressions and growth and that you matter. You may start to remember your time and notice your resilience. You may remember that changing the world begins with changing you.

My hope is you begin to make meaning of all that confuses you or holds you down today.

Here are a few examples of my documentation:

A simple journal log of my day and what I remembered from it

This is a note in my phone. I decided to write out something I know I’ll always remember about the day.
This moment gave me relief from my mental burdens. It deserved to be captured.

Each one of the prompts I deliver to you will incorporate these 4 OPAL principles:

Observation: what do you see right now? what do you sense at this moment? what is taking up space in your mind right now?

Perspective:  what makes what you see unique? how can you use that in your documentation?

Artifact: what do you surround yourself with? what do you see and hold on a daily basis? what do you want to leave behind in an image future generations may see?

Liberation: how can you let go? where can you find freedom right now?

I’ll be working this project alongside you. Please keep up with my on instagram to see examples of my daily documentation, or join my newsletter to get recaps every month.

Embracing you on this path,

R o s e

Document your Day

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