Making a choice is important

Radiant and creative one,

In this studio diary, I discuss materials I love to use.

Not because I think they’re better than others.

These materials are the ones I love to use because I’ve chosen to love to use them.

I’m reading this book, The Paradox of Choice by Richard Swartz, and he really validates this feeling I have, and so many of my clients have:

Too many choices stall your creativity

There’s nothing wrong with stalled creativity. Yet, I believe that if you’re going to own your experience of time, and feel at peace with your life as it is, then you have to become comfortable with your choices.

How can you do so when you second guess a lot? I discuss that answer in this week’s studio diary a bit. But as always, the deeper conversations go on in my one-on-one work.

Check out this 20 minute studio diary below.

Highlights include:

  • The biggest issue that my clients come to me with about their creativity
  • What I feel like art schools get wrong
  • My favorite materials and why I love them
  • Watching me apply these materials to a painting
  • How art helps you navigate mistakes
  • How to something new with only a few minutes

I’ll be discussing my materials in more videos to come, but until then tell me what’s your favorite material today?

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Making a choice is important

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