May I always have the courage to change my mind

Certain things I once believed to be true are rising up to be evaluated. Though I know life isn’t black/white, reframing many of the stories and things I’ve been telling myself feels liberating to me right now.

(editing to add: In no way does me declaring these things take away from your real lived experience. I see you and honor that we all have truths/untruths that guide us daily.)

Truths I’m leaving behind:

  • That motherhood is relentless. Yes, it can feel that way. But how does talking about that serve me? I’m repositioning how I view this time of my life, and my child’s life. Thank you Marilene Caetano for opening my eyes to reframing this story.

  • That I’ve lost my ability to do _______ because of my age. Particularly pursue another degree like I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I’m just beginning, ya’ll.

  • That because someone else has done it, I can’t. Here’s the vulnerability kicker: if that person ever tries to sell a product that shares how she’s done it, I’ve bought it. (that’s how some really good online marketing works and preys on our human-ness desire to connect).

  • That I have to be a certain weight or size to be loved and appreciated, and most of all seen as worthy.

  • That if I lose a friendship relationship, that I’m the cause or they’re the cause. 
  • That aging is hard on a woman’s body and like a disease to prevent.

  • That marriage after a certain period of time is just going through the motions. I dare to say that after some intense inner work Jason and I are falling in love yet again.

  • That my ability to create is hinged on my ability to show a product or child or tangible thing as a result.

  • Last but not least, that my work has anything to do with who I am. It’s just a mere branch on the tree of my life.

There’s so much more that my inner wisdom is trying to translate right now. Downloads are continuing to be made as I wander in nature, paint while listening to a podcast, drive trucks on the carpet with my son…etc.

I’m calling this new year the year of clear vision. That doesn’t mean I know what’s coming. I’m softening and calling myself back to the vision I’ve always had: life is good when I’m present. Life is good when I love. Life is good when I trust. This life is ever changing. Maybe one day the things I write about above will evolve once again.

May I always have the courage to change my mind.

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May I always have the courage to change my mind

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